Sunday, August 14, 2005

TSA Ready to Go Back to "No-Hassle" Passenger Screening?

According to the Associated Press, the Transportation Security Administration is considering allowing icepicks, knives, razor blades, bows and arrows and other such items on airplanes soon. Not only that, but they would also like to reduce pat-down searches and eliminate shoe checks unless the passenger sets off a metal detector, is flagged by a computer, or looks "reasonably suspicious." This is intended to reduce "hassles" and make the process more "passenger-friendly."

We are approaching the fourth anniversary of 9/11, and apparently we have already forgotten its lessons. The best way to make the process of flying more "friendly" for me is to make sure my plane doesn't fall out of the sky in flames or run into a building, thank you very much. We already know that, if one has to look "reasonably suspicious" in order to have your shoes checked that will eliminate all young arab-looking males from searches, since checking them would be "racial profiling," hence "baaaddd."

I don't need a knife, a razorblade or an icepick while flying (the icecubes are usually small enough), and I haven't seen any target ranges for bows and arrows in flight, advice to the TSA is to keep us safe first, worry about hassles second--or third--or fourth--and if you don't like all the "hassle" associated with flying commercial, get a license and plane and fly yourself or take the train.

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