Monday, August 08, 2005

Bush Supports Teaching of "Intelligent Design" Alongside Evolution

Not that it will make much difference to the Left, but President Bush came out in favor of teaching "Intelligent Design" in our public schools, in addition to "evolutionary theory," last week. Intelligent design is the theory that says the universe does not display the characteristics we would expect to see if it had occurred by chance, therefore an intelligent creative force must have been at work.

Now, I have a name for this "Intelligent Creative Force," and there's the problem...liberals, secular humanists and atheists don't want to put their theory--that everything in the universe was created from absolutely nothing, and completely by accident (which seems a little silly when it's held up to the light)--up against the theory that there is a Higher Being, namely God, who created everything, and let students judge for themelves. (The fact that these people don't think teens can make a legitimate, informed choice between evolution and intelligent design makes you wonder why they think it's okay to give teens sex ed and condom demonstrations and expect them to make good choices...but I digress.)

If this was any other theory--for instance, if you wanted to teach that space aliens from Alpha Centauri "seeded" the earth with life, the ACLU would be in there punching for your right of free speech and educational freedom. But even though there are holes in the theory of evolution big enough to drive a truck through, and even though evolutionary theorists have been warned by their own scientific leaders not to debate the issue because they always lose, evolutionary theory is treated as sacred...

Indeed, I am sure that once this is posted, someone will come and comment that evolution is a "fact", even though not one example of a transitional evolutionary form has ever been discovered for any species of animal, and even though no viable type of macro-evolution (one species to another species) has ever been demonstrated or can even be forced to occur in laboratory conditions. Evolutionary theorists have never let facts get in the way of their flights of fancy.

So kudos to President Bush for stepping forward on the issue, but until there is a judicial sea-change (another reason to keep praying for soon-to-be Justice Roberts) I am afraid the courts will continue to strike down the teaching of intelligent design, without regard fo the fact that evolution should not even be dignified with the title "theory"--it is entirely a figment of the "scientific" community's imagination.

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