Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Rotting Carcass of "Straight Talk America" Rises Again

John McCain, RINO and proud member of the Republican Filibuster Wimps, has dusted off the stinking corpse known as "Straight Talk America" and is once again poised to attack everyone and everything is sight in his continuing effort to be seen as a "maverick." John likes nothing better than to portray himself as a Washington outsider, when in fact he is every inch the Washington insider, and has nothing more on his tiny mind than where the next photo-op is (never get between "Straight Talk" and a could cost you your life). Be prepared for more "concern" from John about the state of the Republican Party as he gears up to announce for 2008.

John McCain wouldn't know what straight talk was if it bit him on the...ankle. This guy dances back and forth across the aisle in the Senate, spinning like a ballerina on meth. If you want his vote, be ye Republican or Democrat, come hat in hand and begging for the notice of the "maverick." He doesn't give a damn about anything but his own power base, and he will sell out the Republican party for a dime. If he had believed Francois Kerry could have won, he would have been Democrat VP candidate. He pushes legislation he knows is unconstitutional (McCain-Feingold) because it makes a good soundbite ("We're cleaning up CORRUPTION").

John, do us all a favor and re-embalm your "straight talk."

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