Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dick Durbin--Working On His Howard Dean Impression

Dick Durbin seems to be a man never content with the truth if there is an opportunity to dissimulate. Take the July 25 story in the Los Angeles Times by Jonathan Turley--Turley stated that, according to two people present at a meeting between Durbin and SCOTUS nominee John Roberts, Durbin asked Judge Roberts what he would do if he had to make a ruling contrary to Catholic dogma. According to Turley's sources, Roberts told the Senator that if that were the case he would recuse himself.

The report seems to have caused some concern among conservative and Catholic court-watchers, who see such questions as symptomatic of an anti-(conservative)Catholic prejudice. Here's where it gets a little weird...Durbin's Press Secretary, Joe Shoemaker, accused Mr. Turley of being inaccurate; according to them, Durbin never asked the question, and Roberts never answered it. Shoemaker specifically said, "I don't know who was his source. Whoever the source was either got it wrong or Turley got it wrong."

Senator John Cornyn then said that, when he asked Judge Roberts about the column, Judge Roberts "assured me that he would not have any difficulties ruling on such issues." I notice that Judge Roberts did not say the question wasn't asked, he just says it doesn't present a problem.

So, it seems that: 1) either the source for the story lied about the question being asked and answered, or; 2) the source for the story told the truth about the question being asked, but lied about the answer, or; 3) Durbin's office is lying about not asking the question...right? Except Durbin and Shoemaker were the sources for the story in the first place. Turley got it direct from Durbin, and read the story back verbatim to Shoemaker, who verified it.

So either Durbin's lying or Durbin's lying or Durbin's lying...take your pick. Oh, he says that he was the source for the story, but Mr. Turley "incorrectly captured the private conversation" and Mr. Durbin doesn't have an anti-Catholic "litmus test" for court nominees. Mr. Shoemaker refused to comment on the fact that, according to Mr. Turley, he specifically verified the story.

This has to be a continuing source of embarrassment to the Democrats...not Durbin specifically, I mean the fact that their leaders keep getting caught saying stupid things and lying about it. Maybe Bill and Hillary could conduct a seminar on how to lie consistently and with a straight face.

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