Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Over-Analysis of Supreme Court Nominees

Well, it has been a long wait, but it is time once again for pundits everywhere to begin analyzing the President's pick for SCOTUS, John Roberts. Does he favor big business or protect environmental rights? Is he pro-life or pro-death? Does he believe in the radical view of the Establishment Clause the Court has adopted, or is he more of a "Free-Exerciser"? Is he for original intent, or does he think the meaning of the Constituation changes with the times? Does he walk to work or carry his lunch? Speaking of lunch, where has his Coke can been, and who has it been near?

Let me just interject something here, before we all decide whether his views will result in his being confirmed or not...this all doesn't matter. All that matters is that George W. Bush nominated him, and therefore he will be in for a terrible beating from the Left, win or lose. Table after table of lefties will come up to testify and express their "grave concerns" about his "judicial temperament." NOW and NARAL and Planned Parenthood and the ACLU will deluge the Judiciary Committee with papers and opinions tegarding the potential danger to Roe. Sentences in the footnotes of his opinions will be dissected and diagrammed and parsed to prove he's a closet Nazi. He's probably an anti-Semite, just nobody told him yet (ask Robert Bork).

Don't be surprised if false accusations are made about anything and everything, from his home life, to his work life, to his political views--it is all fair game in the minds of the Ted Kennedys and Chuck Schumers of the world. These hearings are going to be like one of those movies you went to see as a kid that you couldn't watch, so you put your hands over your eyes and peeked through your fingers.

Will he ultimately get confirmed? I don't know. As I said yesterday, this is the kind of nomination that Arlen Specter is in a position to sink unless the President is doing the requisite arm-twisting. Up to now, the Senate leadership and the President have been more compromisers than arm-twisters. It's time to twist 'em--and break 'em off if necessary.

Check out Basil's Blog for links to other opinions on the nomination.

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