Thursday, July 07, 2005

Islamic Cowards Kill More Innocent Civilians

That's what this is, and that's what there is to say about it. Some bunch of nuts calling themselves the "Secret Organization of Al-Qaeda in Europe" says they were the ones who set off the bombs in London this morning. At least 33 are dead and hundreds are wounded. They proclaim themselves to be "heroic mujahedeen" and warn "all crusader governments that they will receive the same punishment if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan."

These spineless murderers think themselves heroes, and morons like Bill Maher and other luminaries of the left probably agree with them...Now is the time for the President to call on the spineless Kerry-esque wimps of the left in this country to stand up for Democracy and get on board with our efforts to eradicate (yes eradicate) al-Qaeda and all other groups like al-Qaeda...I don't really want to hear any more crap about how peaceful Islam is and how we ought to just try to get along with these loons. We need to find them and destroy them, and if we have to do more than turn up the air-conditioning and play loud rock music to get answers out of these creeps, we ought to do what it takes.

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