Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Blogburst, A Blogburst...My Kingdom For A Blogburst...

I wish I had a great blogburst today, but I didn't even think about it until 6 pm or so when Republican Vet reminded me that I had been woolgathering and not blogging. Anyway, I thought Joseph Farah summed up my thinking on the ACLU and much of the source of my frustration here:

Let me tell you, there is no threat – no threat at all – that Christians or Jews will, any time soon, successfully impose their own divided faiths on anyone else with the help of the local, state or federal government. It just can't happen, not in the 21st-century, American socio-political climate.

And the ACLU knows this.

The ACLU is on offense, not defense.

The ACLU is not afraid of Christians. It knows they are easy, wimpy targets who don't fight back. (Emphasis supplied).

The ACLU doesn't really care about manger scenes, Ten Commandments monuments and other symbolic targets. Instead, they use these legal assaults to keep their enemies off-guard, on defense and from recognizing what the real agenda is.

What is the real agenda?

Well, I guess you could call it state-imposed, enforced, official atheism.

What really gripes me about the ACLU is the fact that Mr. Farah is right in his observation that Christians are, for the most part, easy, wimpy targets who don't fight back...for every story of a Christian who says "I'm taken all I'm gonna take and and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" there are 100,000 quietly taking it on the cheek and turning the other one. And while there are many times that quietly taking it is right, there are also many times that, like Peter and John when they were ordered not to speak the name of Jesus, we ought to flat out tell the authorities, "No, we're not going to do that, we listen to God, not you."

The ACLU wants to turn the US into an atheist country, period. If you call yourself a Christian (or, for that matter, if you follow any religion that believes in a god), it is time to stand up and be counted.

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