Thursday, June 23, 2005

Clue-Less Gives It Up

I see my ol' buddy over at common logic (also known as cl or clue-less) has given up his blogging aspirations. I stopped commenting on his site some time ago, partly because Republican Vet was doing such a nice job of blowing his lack of logic, common or otherwise, away; and partly because he is invincibly ignorant--if he's ever actually studied logic, he's long abandoned anything he learned (although I think it more likely he just thought his blog's name was "cute"). His last post, however, is priceless--he is stepping away from blogging so he can "make a difference."

How? "I'll continue to put in my dues and work up the government ladder to obtain a position where I can truly make a difference." That sentence is a dead giveaway that illustrates the gulf separating me from the clue-less's of the world...they think difference-makers come from within the bureaucracy of government that will somehow transform our society, while I recognize that what has made a "difference" in our society is not the "largesse" of government, but God's blessing on the American spirit and the American people.

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