Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Abortionist Accused of Eating Fetuses

No, this isn't the National Enquirer, or the Daily Nutjob, or any other tabloid you just read the headlines of while you're in the grocery store checkout...this is real, unfortunately. VanHelsing (somewhat ironically, I think) reports that abortion "doctor" (I use the term loosely) Krishna Rajanna of Kansas City has been closed down due to his extremely unsanitary and disgusting facilities and the accusation by one employee that he microwaved and snacked on fetuses.

Rajanna apparently had three ways of disposing of babies...he took them home in garbage bags for residential pickup, flushed them down the toilet, or put them in styrofoam cups in the fridge (yes, the fridge where he kept his lunch).

I know many believe in a woman's right to kill her own baby, but this is beyond the pale and it is what we can expect to see when the profession that swears an oath not to do harm is perverted into an assembly line of baby killers.

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