Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Crosses aCross America

If you haven't visited Crosses aCross America yet, you ought to take a look. The premise is pretty simple: Our religious symbols and our right to freely exercise our religious beliefs are being trampled every day...and the ACLU makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees which are paid by us, the taxpayers, every time they have another religious symbol or practice eradicated from public life.

So what to do? Simple. We keep fighting for our rights BUT, in the meantime, let's put crosses and copies of the Ten Commandments in plain sight on our private property, where the ACLU has nothing to say about it.

We need to show the ACLU and the fanatical atheists that we are not going away, that we are not going to be silenced and that we are not going to stop fighting for our rights. I would encourage everyone not to stop with putting a flag or a ribbon on your car or truck--add a cross, add the Ten Commandments. Put a cross in your window...let people know where you stand and let's make Crosses visible aCross America.

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