Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mike Tyson--A Sad End to a Sad Career

Mike Tyson quit in the corner between the sixth and seventh rounds of his fight with, um, hang on a sec...oh yeah, Kevin McBride last night. Tyson announced his retirement after the fight, saying "I'm not going to embarrass the sport." Ok, so it's about 10 years too late for that, but at least maybe Mike will have the good sense to go find a product to shill like Big George Foreman did when he finally quit boxing at the age of 97.

Seriously, I hope Mike Tyson doesn't wind up in the headlines in a couple of months back in jail or worse...bad companions, taking bad advice, bad management and a lack of common sense have put Mike in a bad place. He needs a lot of help, and I hope he gets it. And I hope this retirement announcement is for real...I'll be praying for you, Mike.

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