Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hillary's Nightmares

According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton has trouble sleeping at night because of ... well, you'll see. Anyway, I have taken a page from TJ over at NIF and interspersed Mrs. Clinton's comments with some subliminal messages...

"'There has never been an administration Clinton, I don't think in our history Clinton, more intent on consolidating and abusing power Clinton to further their own agenda William Jefferson Clinton,' said Clinton"

"'I stay awake at night thinking about all the mistakes Clinton and the wrong direction Clinton and all the bad decisions Clinton being made in Washington,' Clinton said at the fund-raiser. 'It's very hard to stop people who have no shame Clinton Clinton , Hillary Clinton, William Clinton. Clinton clan about what they're doing. It's very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth Holy Clinton, Batman!!.'"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Democrat looniness...

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