Friday, June 03, 2005

The Heck With Balance--Give Us Truth Says Foley?!!

Linda Foley, the President of the Newspaper Guild, has recently been in the news for her insane rant that the US military is targeting journalists...but wait, it gets better. According to Conservative Friends she now also calls for doing away with "balance" in the news in favor of reporting "the truth" (her version, one assumes). She complains that, when there's only one side of a story to be told, trying to "balance" it is "kind of crazy." In other words, we all KNOW that Bush is a lying right-wing tyrant, so "balance" is really just not needed here.

I think what she is getting at is that it is OK to make wild accusations against the government as long as it is "true," even if there is no proof of the truth of what you say, as long as YOU KNOW it's true--and once YOU KNOW it's true, it's OK tell FoxNews and anybody else who disagrees with you to shut up with their stupid balance...

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