Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why The Acrimony Toward The ACLU?

The "American Civil Liberties Union" is a great name.

It has "American" in it, which almost automatically produces a patriotic response in me...(I usually "well up" while singing "America," although I stop short of Dan Rather meltdown).

It has "Civil Liberties" in it--I like Civil Liberties-- I am rather fond of free speech, the fact that there is no state religion and my right to practice my religion as I choose; I like having the right to own a gun (in case Michael Moore ever threatens to visit); I haven't had to stop the government from quartering troops in my home, but I guess I'm pretty happy about that; I'm satisfied that I'm free from unreasonable searches; I enjoy the protection a Grand Jury, Due Process and the right to avoid self-incrimination afford; I'm sure I would appreciate a speedy trial if I were ever to be accused of breaking the law; I'm happy my right to a jury trial exists, and that there's no double jeopardy in our great land; I'm glad there's no cruel and unusual punishment (like forcing me to listen to Janeane Garofalo) allowed...I'm also glad that the Bill of Rights simply tells me what the government can't do to me and doesn't in any way limit my rights.

It has "Union" in it--I think of Americans, working together, creating a more perfect Union, shaping and building an amazing country unlike any ever seen before, the greatest country on earth. Not perfect, no...but striving and moving to become better, to reach an ideal that we, being finite and of limited vision, cannot even fully comprehend and can never reach, because the human spirit will always aspire to be more than we are.

It's a great name--but when you put it all together, what do you get?

American--Might as well change this to "Victims"--The ACLU is only interested in Americans who can cast themselves as victims...

Civil Liberties--"Distorting Liberties" is more like it--the ACLU wants to curtail religious freedom, tell you how and where you can express yourself, stop you from gun ownership, allow pedophilia and prostitution, legalize drug use, legalize homosexual marriage, legalize kiddie porn and kill babies in the name of "liberties"...

Union--This group isn't interested in a "union" or "unity"--its desire is to tear down, to splinter, to creates societal rifts by always seeking its own agenda without any regard for morality or the beliefs of those who aren't in lockstep with that agenda...

So I guess I decode "ACLU" and get "Victims Distorting Liberties for a Political Agenda."

Why the acrimony toward the ACLU? Start with the from there.

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