Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's Kerry Time--John, We're Still Waiting

Holy cow, it's been a week since we were all abuzz with the news..."bzzz, bzzz, Kerry signed the Form-180...bzzz, bzzz, finally, Francois is finally going to make good on his promise....bzzz, bzzz, I wonder why he waited so long to show us his glorious military records, replete with decorations for his heroism...bzzz, bzzz...did you know John Kerry was in VietNam, by the way?"

Well, so far it hasn't quite worked out...I dunno whether JK signed the form or not, but if he did, he apparently immediately misplaced it (probably with files from the Rose law firm, that stuff vanishes mysteriously all the time), simply failed to file it, or decided that since he just agreed to sign it, that was sufficient. Whatever the case I, for one, am now more curious than ever to see the record...what is so bad that it can't be brought forth into the light of day, John?

Anyway, you can e-mail Mr K. at http://kerry.senate.gov/v3/contact/email.html. If you would like to join the Tuesday Blogburst requesting that John actually make good on his promise and make his military records public you can go to Cao's Blog and click on the link there to sign up. I believe there are now over 50 bloggers in the Tuesday Blogburst!! It's not just a Blogburst, it's a Movement!

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