Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is Being A Murderer REALLY So Bad?

Apparently not, according to Justice Stephen Breyer. In 2003, Carman Deck was convicted of robbing and murdering an elderly couple, execution-style, in their home. The Supreme Court has overturned the conviction because, during the penalty phase of the trial (after he had been convicted, when the penalty for the crime he committed was to be imposed), he appeared before the jury in manacles.

"The 7-2 majority opinion was written by Justice Stephen Breyer, who said shackling implies to jurors that the defendant is "a danger to the community" - thus affecting their perception of him as they decide his fate."

Uh-huh...we wouldn't want the jury to think that a guy who killed two old folks "execution-style" so he could avoid going to jail for his theft poses a danger to the community. It was good to hear that the prosecutor plans to re-try this sicko and have him sentenced to death yet again, sans handcuffs...let's hope he doesn't kill anybody in the courtroom while we're protecting his civil rights.

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