Wednesday, June 01, 2005

So What's "Blogging Part Deux"?

Here's something I welcome as much input on as possible, so please feel free to unload your $ I am surfing, I am of course seeing sites just like my site because my site is a cookie-cutter blogger template...I also have been attempting to put photos and so forth on the page, usually with the result that everything on the right of the site disappears to the bottom because the stuff doesn't fit....

I want to change the look, and I want to find an easier way to work with content...which brings me to the I want software to design my own site, and if so, WHAT would you recommend, OR do I need somebody to do this stuff for me and make it simple, and if so WHO would you recommend? Pretend I don't know anything about all this...never mind, there's no pretending about it...

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