Thursday, June 02, 2005

To Not Pron or Not to Not Pron--That Is The Question?

I discovered something yesterday (and when I say "discovered" I mean I found something that I, the not-super-computer-literate-lawyer-cum-pastor, had not seen before)...I think it is the internet equivalent of "TEGWAR," The Exciting Game Without Any Rules, from Bang the Drum Slowly.

It's called Not Pron--I guess you could call it a game or a puzzle, the object of which is to find your way through over 130 levels (and growing). On each screen there is a photo and a title for the have to figure out how to get from that screen to the next. You can (and must) Google for clues, you can (and must) read the Source Code for each page--you can do anything you want to, so long as you don't outright go asking for the answer to the level...there is a forum with moderators to give "hints," and so far my expertise in candy bars and The Beatles has been helpful...

It is terribly absorbing...I made it to level 12 after several hours last night, and I felt like I just sat down. But, I am giving up Not Pron...if I blog AND play Not Pron I will soon be homeless...and I don't have a notebook computer.

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