Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kiddie Porn...Not Too Disgusting for the ACLU

I think the fact that this even has to be the subject of a post speaks volumes about why I find the ACLU contemptible...maybe "beneath contempt" would be more apt. After all, I may not agree with your views on evolution, but I can (and did) remove my children from the public school system so they are not indoctrinated with evolutionary theory taught as "fact".

Or, you may support flag burning as "free speech". You probably shouldn't be holding your breath waiting for an invitation to dinner at my house, but as long as you burn flags you purchased and do it away from me, knock yourself out. Flag burning says more about you than it does about anything else, anyway.

You may even hate and fear belief in God so much that you think saying that we live in a nation "under God" is tantamount to forcing Christianity down your throat (even though there's no mention of any particular "god" in the Pledge) and needs to be stopped via legal action. I think the postion is absurd and the motivation of pursuing such a suit is simply to generate attorney's fees, but we live in a foolishly litigious society and the courts are open to you, so have a party...

But I would think that even the most rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, leftist radical loon would pull up short at the issue of showing minors in pornography, and say to himself (or herself), "Wait a minute, let's think this speech versus children's welfare, free speech versus children's welfare...uh, ok, we protect kids first." Yet the ACLU has a policy that promotes child pornography.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group self-described as "Defending Freedom in the Digital World", has the ACLU position paper posted concerning pornography and the First Amendment. According to the paper, the ACLU is for prosecuting criminal acts against children, but not books or films depicting such acts.

So therefore, according to their own position paper, the ACLU's stance is that it should be OK to view child pornography and own child pornography and peddle child pornography--you just can't make it. This is like saying it's alright to knowingly receive stolen just can't steal the stuff yourself.'s OK to buy black-market body just can't actually cut them out of anybody yourself. However you look at it, the ACLU is for subsidized crime against children.

They are beneath contempt.

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