Friday, June 24, 2005

It Was His Time?

I really like my dogs...I have an American Bulldog named Arnie and a Shar Pei named Sassy, and they are two of the sweetest dogs you could meet. But I would never pick my dogs over my kids, as this moonbat apparently did:

Maureen Faibish was arrested and charged with child endangerment after her pit bull killed her son, 12 year-old Nicholas. Her male dog "Rex" was acting possessive because "Ella," the female was in heat.

Mrs. Faibish claims "We were never seeing any kind of violent tendencies" in the dogs, but what did she do? While she went out to run errands, she put little Nicholas in the cellar, "with a shovel on the door" (to lock him in). Even though these dogs had no violent tendencies, she felt the need to physically separate her son from them. "And I told him: 'Stay down there until I come back.' Typical Nicky, he wouldn't listen to me."

You see? This is all that little Nicky's fault...he should have known that his mother only had his best interests at heart in locking him in the cellar. He got out of the cellar, and was found dead when his mother returned. Do you think it might have made more sense to lock the dogs up instead of her son? Do you think maybe she knew this might happen and didn't care enough to protect her own son?

Mrs. Faibish faces up to 10 years in jail (which I doubt she'll ever see), but the saddest part of this, to me, is the fact that this woman has no sense of her own culpability in her son's death. "It's Nicky's time to go...When you're born you're destined to go and this was his time." It was his time? Maybe we should find out if it's "her time" and lock her in a room with a couple of pit bulls. Idiot.

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