Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's Blogburst Thursday

Seeing as how the ACLU opened its new website, Take Issue, Take Charge, last week (a website whose professed mission is to stop the teaching of sexual abstinence until marriage to teens in favor of "responsible sexuality"--it is part of the ACLU's "reproductive freedom project" (whatever that means)) it is only fair that Stop the ACLU gets its grand opening this week.

The ACLU stands for, and will continue to stand for, the right to kill unborn children at will; the right to peddle and possess child pornography; the right to disseminate information about how to be a pedophile and get away with it; the right of a minor to kill an unborn child without even informing her parents; the right of illegal aliens to enter the US and receive all the benefits of a citizen; the right of homosexuals to marry, adopt children and receive all the benefits of marriage; the right of felons to vote; the right to burn the flag of the United States; and the right not to be "offended" by public displays of religious belief (although our forefathers came to this land to find freedom to practice one's religion).

What rights do they stand against? The right of the unborn to life, the most basic of all rights; the right of parents to have their children educated as they see fit, and not brainwashed by secular humanism; the right to have the symbols of the historic Judeo-Christian roots of our country displayed in public; the right to pray in public; the right to recognize that our nation was founded "under God"; the right of the Boy Scouts or other groups to have equal access to public facilities with secular or atheistic groups; the right to protect our borders from illegal immigration; the right to know when there is a sexual predator living in your neighborhood; and the right not to have children exploited and abused and even murdered by pornographers and pedophiles.

The ACLU has used a propaganda machine to portray itself as a defender of "rights"...the question you have to ask yourself is: Are these the "rights" you want defended? The Pulpit Pounder encourages you to visit Stop the ACLU and join our efforts to curtail the ACLU's unchecked attack on the real freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. To join us go to our Protest The ACLU Portal and register. You will be added to our mailing list, and receive further instruction from there. If you have any trouble email Jay at

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