Monday, August 01, 2005

Bush Takes a Stand for Bolton

I'm sure I'm one of the last to comment regarding the recess appointment of John Bolton to the UN--Forgive me, I have been driving since 2:30 am, taking a load of my daughter's belongings to her in her new is now 6:34 pm, and I just got to a computer.

The Democrats are in their usual frenzy about the President doing anything without their express consent (I always enjoy a good Democrat frenzy). Harry Reid calls Bolton "a seriously flawed and weakened candidate." The Tedster, never one to use reason when hysteria and hyperbole will do, said "It's a devious maneuver that evades the Constitutional requirement of Senate consent and only further darkens the cloud over Mr. Bolton's credibility at the UN."

First of all, Democrats question Bolton's "demeanor" and his "temper", which I for one think we could use a great deal more of at the UN. Getting angry at the lassitude of the UN could only be an improvement over sitting back and doing nothing while the innocent peoples of the world, that the UN ought to be protecting, die in the millions. President Bush deserves credit for putting someone of passion in the position.

Secondly, far from being an evasion of Constitutional requirements, the Constitution states: "The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the end of their next Session." It is interesting to note that this same objection was raised, incorrectly, by Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma when then-President Clinton appointed James Hormel to the position of Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1999. Michael Brus of Slate pointed out at the time that, while such appointments are not looked on with favor by the Senate, they are Constitutional.

Let the Senate Democrats have their tizzy, they are powerless to do anything about this fait accompli. I would just note that, once again, had the leadership in Congress done its job a recess appointment would not have been necessary, but as usual the Bill ("Limp") Frist Republican leadership has been flowing, not leading...Let's hope the next election brings upheaval to the Republican power structure in the Senate.

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