Thursday, August 04, 2005

The GOP--Time For Radical Change?

The national committee of the Republican Party is meeting in Pittsburgh today--The theme of the meeting is "Give us a chance, we'll give you a choice: Strengthening Lincoln's legacy."

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, not only is the theme a joke, the members of the committee are "a herd of sheeple." What are the recent accomplishments of the GOP, according to the Trib?

"Federal spending is out of control.
The distribution of pork has reached obscene levels.
The just-passed highways bill is an embarrassment.
The energy bill isn't any better. (To wit, support for ethanol -- which takes more energy to make than it produces -- is idiocy incarnate.)
The Medicare prescription drug plan is a 10-pound sledgehammer driving a finishing nail.
Social Security reform? Rationalized, diluted and largely shelved.
Immigration policy? Confused, misguided and a threat to national security.

"This isn't the work of conservatives; it's the work of a Republican Party that has forgotten what conservatism is."

Imagine this--me agreeing with the editorial board of a newspaper! It's time for the Republican Party to represent the people who voted the Republican leadership into office. While I admire Dubya's wartime leadership in a time of world crisis, our domestic policy look's more like Walter Mondale's than Ronald Reagan's, and it's time to stop "compromising" with the Democrat Party; the reason we're in the majority in both houses of Congress and hold the White House is because people are fed up with liberalism. We need real Social Security reform (and please shut up AARP--nobody plans to starve old people--we just want there to be something left when we retire, too); we need to rollback the prescription plan--the biggest boondoggle in history; we need to stop trying to fix everything by throwing more money at instead of demanding results with what we have.

The Trib comes to the conclusion that the Grand Old Party is just that--OLD. It's time to get rid of the Trent Lott generation and start putting some energetic, young and aggressive leadership in place and take the fight to the Democrats. Before we become indistinguishable from them.

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