Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Victimless Crime" and the ACLU

Welcome to the Stop the ACLU Blogburst for this Thursday! Today's topic: the so-called victimless crime of prostitution. The ACLU's position is simple-- Prostitution should be legal, and not regulated by the state. It should be legal and unregulated, opines the ACLU, because it is a private act between two consenting adults.

The ACLU also asserts that regulation of prostitution is counter-productive in the war against AIDS, because "'targetting prostitutes for forced testing simply won't work as a prevention strategy,' saying that '[i]f there is any group which will be driven underground by such a policy, it is prostitutes.'" Apparently they believe that unregulated prostitutes are more likely to get tested for AIDS and then voluntarily abstain from "working" if they are HIV-positive than prostitutes that actually have rules.

First of all, prostitution is not a victimless crime, nor is it simply a private act between two consenting individuals. Prostitution helps destroy families, spread disease, and seduce young people with the idea that selling your body is a quick and easy way to make a living. Taking the "stigma" away from this degrading act will not reduce it or make it safer--on the contrary, we will simply become more degraded as a society than we already are.

Second, the idea that unregulated, legal prostitution will serve to help in the war on AIDS is laughable, coming from the lips of liberals...if unregulated prostitution will result in more conscientious prostitutes, why not remove government regulation everywhere? I am sure that, given the chance, all businesses, landlords, sports franchises, and so forth would be more conscientious in their business practices if they were allowed to operate without regulation. In fact, we could just do away with the IRS--I "know" everybody would just send in their tax dollars voluntarily. We might even see a surplus, since "we know" all liberals would love to give more to the government. (This is liberalspeak--just say everybody "knows" something with no proof or facts.)

Although it cuts no ice with the ACLU, the practice of prostitution has been condemned from Biblical times simply because it is morally wrong. I reject the common idea that morality is passe, and I believe out nation ignores morality at its peril.

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