Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Are Dems Losing a Loyal Constituency?

Back in February, Howard Dean had this to say about African-American inclusion in the Democrat Party, "My thought is on how to fully integrate on every level. The way we'll deal with that is the same way we deal with diversity at the DNC...When you put people in charge of operations at the DNC who are people of color, then you'll have a much better likelihood that people [of color] will be hired." (brackets in original) The New York Beacon.

Unfortunately, according to NewsMax, Howard is now under fire from none other than Al Sharpton for failing to put African-Americans in the very positions of leadership at the DNC he talked about in February...

"The Harlem firebrand and one-time presidential candidate said that as things stand now, the Republican Party is making more progress including blacks than Dean's team.
'We ought to have more to show [for our support],' he complained. 'And we should ask why, as the Republicans, ironically, are running blacks [for office], that [Dean] has left blacks out of the top echelon of the Democratic Party.'
Sharpton also said that Dean needed to apologize for racially charged remarks last February, where the top Democrat suggested that Republicans could attract blacks to their party if they summoned the 'hotel staff.'
'That was at a DNC session where we were running candidates for chair and vice chair,' Sharpton recalled. 'I said right at that session that he ought to apologize, absolutely.'" (brackets in original).

If even Al Sharpton can see it, maybe it's time for African-Americans to start seeing the Republican Party as the party of opportunity that it is.

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