Wednesday, May 11, 2005

John McCain...Spineless Filibuster Wimp

TJ has noted, at NIF, that as usual John McCain will do anything to undermine his own party as long as he gets some ink out of the deal...Now he's refusing to stand with his party (to the extent that anyone can call the Republican Party "his party" with a straight face) on overturning Democrat filibusters of Bush judicial nominees. According to FoxNews, "McCain is one of three Republicans who has publicly announced they will vote to retain the right to filibuster judicial nominees."

What is wrong with this guy? Throughout most of my life, I watched the House of Representatives and the Senate run by the thugs of the Democrat party--memorable moments like Dem's breaking down doors and carrying people onto the floor by force to obtain a quorum, Ted Kennedy sneaking amendments into Omnibus bills in the dead of night, Jim Wright, the Speaker of the House, cutting deals with the Teamsters to buy his phony book...

So now we have a majority, we can start to move the judiciary in the right direction, and John "Me and Francois, er, John Kerry Were War Heroes Together" McCain totally tries to screw up the works...does this upset anybody else?

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