Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How Long Will We Wait, Mr. Kerry? As Long As It Takes...

Another day, another day of no SF-180 from John "Did you know I was in Vietnam?" Kerry...C'mon, Mr. Kerry, just suck it up and get it over with...Inquiring minds want to know, and so forth...it's been 100 days since you promised, on national TV, to release your military records, so why not do it? You wanted people to vote for you based on your campaign promises, how does it look when you can't put your signature on a piece of paper after promising to do so?

Besides, no matter what your record actually is, you can always fall back on the "Clinton defense"--It's yesterday's news, it happened a long time ago, this is just the VastRightWingConspiracy's attempt to dredge up the past...

Cao's Blog has all the info you need to turn up the heat a notch on Francois, uh, I mean John...

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