Monday, May 09, 2005

What Is So Scary About Creationism?

I am currently teaching a course once a week on the book of Genesis--after about 6 weeks, we have made it to Chapter 2 (I know, I'm rushing). These early chapters of the book of Genesis give us a great insight into what the universe is all about and what humanity's place is in it. Yet, it seems to really anger evolutionists that I don't happen to see myself, or any other human, as the pinnacle of all existence. The very thought that there is a God just seems to throw them into a panic--and if you even mention that it might be appropriate to to teach creation theory as an opposing viewpoint to evolutionary theory in our schools, you immediately risk ad hominem attacks about your parentage and IQ, not to mention your gullibility and need for a religious crutch.

Yet I have always found that, no matter how much I study evolutionism and creationism, I always wind up with the belief that it would take more faith for me to believe in evolution than creation. I can see signs of God's handiwork all around me--in fact, it's so apparent that the Bible tells us that everybody really knows about God...some people just choose to disbelieve because they hate the idea of not being Numero Uno. (Romans 1:18-21)

But as for evolution, here's the truth: "As a matter of fact, in all human history, no one has ever seen any real evolution take place (horizontal variation within kinds is not macro-evolution), although thousands of species have become extinct during human history. Furthermore, out of the billions of known fossils in the earth's rock record of the past, no true intermediate evolutionary transitional form between kinds has ever been discovered, whereas there ought to be large numbers of such intermediate forms if evolution had really happened.

"No wonder evolutionists become paranoid when asked to allow both sides of the creation-evolution issue to be heard. They cannot respond with real scientific evidence, because there is noneā€”no evolution in the present, none in the past. This has become painfully obvious in the hundreds of scientific debates between evolutionists and creationists during the past 25 years.

"Consequently, Eugenie Scott, from her strategic position as director of the main anti-creationist organization, is now warning her fellow evolutionists not to debate the issue at all. 'Avoid Debates,' she says. 'If your local campus Christian fellowship asks you to "defend evolution," please decline . . . you probably will get beaten.'"

Yup, definitely takes more faith to believe in something when your own experts are advising each other not to debate because they'll lose...You see, the people who need a crutch are not the folks who believe in God, it's the folks who are standing on the broken legs of evolution.

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