Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Louie Louie"--42 Years Later, Still a Menace

Accoring to the Herald-Palladium, the McCord Renaissance Center marching band (a Middle School band) in Benton Harbor, MI, has been advised by the local school superintendent, Paula Downing, that they will not be permitted to play "Louie Louie," the 1963 Kingsmen tune, because of the "degrading and vulgar lyrics" contained therein. It would be interesting to know what the degrading and vulgar lyrics are, since I've been listening to the song for 40 years and still don't know the lyrics.

I doubt the superintendent does either, since the The Smoking Gun files on the subject show that the FBI, after investigating the "smutty" song, discovered that the lyrics were entirely unintelligible...Soooo... "Hey, hey Paula, give that marching band some slack...Hey, hey Paula, let that Kingsmen song come back..."

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