Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Can't Change...

I can't believe this, but it was just suggested over at Stop the ACLU, (in a comment, not on the site) that if the ACLU "is reformed, so should the [religious right] be." According to Joseph (OK Democrat), one is as bad as the other. In other words, I need to "moderate" my religious views before it is reasonable to ask the ACLU to "moderate" their political stances.

I will try to believe that Joe wrote in haste and does not actually equate the ACLU with a person's personal religious beliefs. Naaah...I did try, but it didn't work. I think that's exactly what he thinks. Saying I should reform my religious beliefs is not only insulting, it's impossible. If you want to understand a fundamental difference between the left and the right, there it beliefs are not held because they are convenient or expedient, and they don't change in order to suit the political, social or religious climate...they are what they are.

I can't change. And I don't plan to try.

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